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Markand Thakar 

This class is cancelled until summer  2022 when we hope to resume

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About ICM 

   This week long intensive masterclass will allow conductors to focus on their craft in a beautiful, secluded setting in the bucolic Stony Point Center, located just 45 miles north of New York City. Conductors will work with renowned pedagogue and conductor Markand Thakar, including sessions with string quartet and piano, two full days of intensive interaction with the Stony Point Chamber Orchestra.

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What We Do 

The masterclass is designed to promote awareness of body motion and expressivity, exploring the fundamentals of music-making. Maestro Markand Thakar will guide each conductor through eight conducting sessions, including four with full orchestra. Fellows will receive at least  60 minutes podium time with orchestra and 60 minutes podium time with quartet. All sessions will be recorded on video. 

   Associates will participate in all activities outside of conducting the ensembles.​


“This is the best workshop I’ve been to… I really appreciated the friendly yet passionate attitude that everyone brought, and the teachers set a wonderful tone for the workshop.”

“The balance of physical work, podium time, video reviews and evening conversations was really great!”

“I loved the light but focused atmosphere… everyone became close and was very supportive. The setting was tranquil, and the food was phenomenal!”

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