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28th annual New Jersey Flute Choir Day 

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Caldwell University

120 Bloomfield Ave, Caldwell NJ 07006

questions? email


Flute Choir Day 
Saturday April 13, 2024

Just as Kokopeli traveled from town to town, Flute Choir day has done some traveling.  We are making our  home base at Caldwell University. Flute Choir Day is  sponsored jointly Caldwell University and Carter Glennon Center for Music and Arts.  All of the information for sign up and schedules can be found here. We are so excited to resume this wonderful event!

Flute Choir Day Directors:

Patty Lazzara and Jenny Cline

Questions? email Patty or Jenny at

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The Annual New Jersey Flute Choir Day is open to Elementary, Junior High, High School, College students, and Adults who play the flute and would like to take part in playing ensemble works scored for piccolo, C flute, alto and bass flutes, and the contra bass flute. All applicants are accepted for participation in the program and are placed in classes according to age and playing experience.

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