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Saturday Schedule for Raise the Roof

Feb 4, 2023
Band Schedule:
9:30-10:15 Flutes,  Clarinets, Trumpets, French Horn, Saxophones ages 8-11 rehearse 

10:15-11:00Trumpets, Trombones, Saxophones, flutes, clarinets ages 12-adult rehearse 

FULL Band Rehearsal 11:00-11:30-
all band instruments, all ages 

Band assignment due on Feb 4: 
  • Be able to play up to #27 in your lesson book-go ahead and try new songs in your book if you have mastered the music up to #27
  • Learn All of  Beethoven's Ninth-
  • Practice the 5 notes you know by making up a new song each day using the notes in any order and any rhythm.
  • Play each note you know for as many seconds as you can hold it.

    Orchestra Schedule:
    Strings: all Violins 9:30-10:20
    Cellos and Violas 10:20-11:05
    Full  Orchestra Ensemble 11:05-11:30

    Orchestra Assignment due on Feb 4

    Everyone  learn Amazing Grace, Then review Lean on Me and Baby Shark, practice the D major scale 
    Violins, Watch YouTube video of Mr David, to help you learn Amazing Grace

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