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27th annual NJ Flute Choir Day

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Covid Protocols

To participate in flute choir day, you no longer need to upload a vaccination card or take a test. We would like you to fill out a form stating that your child has not been in close contact to anyone who has confirmed case of Covid for more than 10 minutes in the last 5 days. 

Anyone participating in Flute Choir Day who has symptoms that could be covid you must take a covid test to determine that it is safe to come.

Questions? Contact

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NJ Flute Choir Day

The Annual New Jersey Flute Choir Day is open to Elementary, Junior High, High School, College students, and Adults who play the flute and would like to take part in playing ensemble works scored for piccolo, C flute, alto and bass flutes, and the contra bass flute. All applicants are accepted for participation in the program and are placed in classes according to age and playing experience.

Questions?: email

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